The Road to Retirement +1% at a Time

Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in IRA, Plan Retirement

Are you concerned that you are way behind with respect to your retirement savings? If you are like most Americans, you have not saved a lot for retirement.   The infograph below underscores the issue.

Via The Week

Losing weight happens 1 pound at a time.  You can get yourself back in on track to financial fitness with just 1% change to your savings rate.  Commit to increasing your savings rate to your retirement plan at work 1% each year moving forward.

Here are some suggestions from myself and other Garrett Planning Network advisors below, to help inspire you to get moving and take the steps you need to increase your savings and feel better about your ability to retire in the future.

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From Steve Stewart: Seriously. What’s 1 percent gonna do?

From Laura Scharr: In Crisis: Personal Savings- Here Are Six Steps to Improve Your Retirement Security


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