Hourly, Fee-Only Financial Planning Process

Here is an outline of how the financial planning process works and what to expect along the way.

Initial Inquiry

Visiting this site is the first step to learn about what the financial planning process can offer! If you are interested in fee only financial services, download and fill out the confidential client questionnaire and contact us.  Laura will review your questionnaire to determine how she can best assist you and to schedule a complimentary “Get Acquainted” meeting.

Complimentary Get Acquainted Meeting

Laura will discuss your personal goals and objectives as well as any areas of concern, and provide a fee estimate based on the scope of services. If you decide to engage with her, a client agreement form is signed with an initial deposit of the fee.

Data Gathering and Initial Preparation

Once you provide your financial information, she will review the data and begin to develop your financial plan.

Analysis and Plan Formulation

A customized analysis is developed based on your unique goals and vision for your future.  Financial projections are run based on your current situation, and various scenarios are run in order to determine your chance of success in reaching all of your important life goals.

Interim Meeting

Laura will review your goals, confirm plan assumptions as well as your attitudes toward risk, and discuss the initial findings and projections above.

Financial Plan Presentation

Laura will present and review your personal financial plan and provide a written summary including observations and specific recommendations for your investments. A summary report card is presented that provides a snapshot of your financial life and recommendations for improvement.  An Action Plan is also provided so you can track progress with implementation of your recommendations.

Full payment of the balance for actual fees incurred is due at the conclusion of the plan presentation meeting.

Plan Implementation And Follow Up

Detailed instructions will be provided for plan implementation.  A brief follow-up meeting may also be scheduled to answer any questions about your financial plan and to ensure you are making progress with your list of action items. Then it is up to you to take action and follow through with the balance of your list.   Ascend Financial Planning, LLC will answer any follow up questions regarding the original scope of the plan for 30 days after the presentation at no charge. Laura can provide additional assistance with implementation if needed with a low cost, no load custodian such as Vanguard, Fidelity, or TD Ameritrade.  Ascend Financial Planning, LLC does not offer asset management, but can refer you to low cost investment managers who will provide ongoing investment management and portfolio re-balancing.  These managers will work closely with us, utilizing a team approach in an ongoing fashion, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your plan.  This is especially important for cash flow needs, retirement distributions, and tax planning.

Ongoing Check-ups

The greatest value-added a financial professional can provide is an ongoing relationship to keep your finances top of mind, keep you abreast of changes in the tax and investment landscape, and show you the progress you are making toward your goals.  For this reason, annual Financial Check-ups are strongly recommended in order help you stay on track with your plan.   Just like you schedule an annual physical for your health, an annual financial check-up will help optimize your financial wellness.