Useful Forms for South Carolina Financial Planning

Are you ready to learn more about how to prepare for your future and invest in a low cost way?  If so, please fill out the Confidential Client and Risk questionnaires below and send them to  Laura will contact you to schedule your appointment for a mutually beneficial date.   Of course, you may also call Laura at 803-331-3721 at any time,  if you need more information about the fee-only financial planning process.

Confidential Client Questionnaire
Please complete the confidential questionnaire and send it prior to our first meeting so that Laura can better understand your unique situation and determine the best way to proceed.

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
The attached questionnaire provides important details about your future dreams, goals, and objectives.   It also provides information regarding your attitudes about market risk.  Please fill this out before we meet.  It will help facilitate our discussion during the get acquainted meeting and help me determine your risk profile.

Cash Flow Questionnaire
Use this form to create an itemized list of your monthly and annual cash flow items to better understand your priorities and to create a spending plan that enables you to meet your goals by allocating your available funds in an intentional way.

Remember – Please send all forms to

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