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Laura talks about why certain rules of thumb for retirement may not point you in the right direction.

Published on nerdwallet and syndicated on Yahoo Finance, Laura points out Retirement ‘Rules of Thumb’ May Point in Wrong Direction.


Laura is honored to be featured in Columbia Business Monthly about how Boomers can catch up on their retirement savings.



Your Greatest Risk to Retirement – Living Longer: Laura discusses the impact increasing longevity has on retirement planning.


Laura recalls how she discovered that a client’s appetite for dicey investments masked underlying issues – When Clients Come in With a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.

Laura talks with WLTX about Black Friday Sales Impacted By Gas Prices.

Laura discusses ways you can combat these 8 sneaky overspending triggers.

Laura is quoted on young tech tycoons and how they should handle their newfound wealth.

Laura talks about ways you can reduce your tax bill.

Laura discusses how to take income in retirement and the importance of maximizing Social Security payments.

Laura discusses how high income earners can still contribute to Roth savings accounts.

Laura discusses why the retirement crisis is not a bad as critics predict and how investors can improve their chance of success and peace of mind in 3 Reasons Why Retirees May Not Be Doomed After All.

Laura is quoted in this article regarding the 9 financial planning rules for women.

In this interview in Forbes, Laura discusses the added benefit of gifting appreciated securities.

Laura provides advice, along with some of her colleagues, about how young professionals can maximize their finances in the early stages of their career. Ask the Experts: Money Management for Young Professionals


Laura discusses emotional spending issues regarding kids and grandkids. Three Big Money Mistakes You Could Be Making Right Now

Laura response to the recent run up in US stocks and potential overvaluation. Summer sizzle: Time to buy, sell or hold?

Laura talks about the college planning process and shares her own experience with her son, Eric. Getting into Your College of Choice

Laura answers Q&A: Why do I need to bother with a budget?

Laura answers Q&A: How do I help out family members with their finances?

Laura talks about how saving for retirement is a lot like growing a garden.

Laura discusses the insurance needs of the affluent and how they can often overlook the basics. How Much Insurance Do Retirees Need?

Here is a blog from Forbes based on a question Laura posed to Debroah Jacobs in the recent NAPFA/Forbes iconference regarding how often clients should update their will.

Laura talks about how to increase your chance of a college scholarship.

Laura offers tips on how to raise financially independent kids. Read the article.

Laura discusses how to prevent the 5 dumbest ways to spend money on your kids. Read the article.

Laura talks to Smart Money about the benefits of retiring in South Carolina. Read the article.

Insurance 101- how to protect yourself and your family from a catastrophic event. Watch the video.

Laura does a Money Makeover for a young South Carolina engineer to help her attain her goal of starting her own business. Read the article.

Laura provides 8 tips to save up to $9K on your annual budget and how to find a fee only planner. Watch the video.

Laura discusses what to keep, shred, toss and how to set up a filing system to organize your financial life. Watch the video.

Laura talks about how to make sure your financial resolutions have staying power. Watch the video.

Laura talks about the European debt crisis and how it affects us here at home. Watch the video.

Laura gives viewers some financial literacy quizzes. Most Americans score a “D”. Do you pass? View the video.

Laura talks about the challenges that face the “Millennial generation”.

Why a rollover from your 401K may not make sense. Read more.

Laura talks with WLTX about what is causing the current market turmoil and the possibility of a second recession. Read the article and then view the video – part 1 and part 2.

Laura explores common retirement myths and realities for young investors and baby boomers on WLTX. View the video.

Laura uses Carolinaopoly to talk about how the debt ceiling affects South Carolinians. Read more.

About the Future of Those Social Security Benefits – Laura discusses how she incorporates potential reform into her Social Security projections for clients. Check it out.

How to Declare Your Financial Independence – Laura provides some tips for young adults to wean themselves off of their parents financial support. Read the article here.

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