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Saving for a new home, retirement or college while still meeting short term spending needs?  An easy-to-follow plan will help you prioritize life goals.

Customized Retirement Planning

A plan focusing on your dreams and goals will help you live the retirement you’ve dreamed of and improve the odds that you won’t outlive your money.

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Educating yourself on basic financial principles leads to greater awareness and understanding of how you can take action to improve your financial life.

Improve the Health of Your Wealth…

…with Hourly, Fee-Only Financial Planning Services in Columbia, South Carolina

Just like your family doctor helps you stay healthy and prevent illness, a financial planner can help you stay financially fit and improve the quality of your financial decisions.

Get a Personal Financial Prescription You Can Trust

Start with Ascend Financial Planning, LLC’s professional, objective financial advice.  Financial planning is more than keeping track of your current investments. From insurance to retirement planning, the decisions you make today will have long-term effects on your future.  At Ascend Financial Planning, the focus is on developing a holistic financial plan based on your unique values, goals and vision.  The plan aids your current behavior regarding money, and helps you stay on track by being more conscientious about everyday financial decisions.  The result is greater peace of mind about your financial future.

Get Confidence in Your Financial Health Before Making Big Decisions

You have big goals for your future, your family, and your business.  Ascend Financial Planning can help you get there by offering hourly, fee-only financial planning advice and support to keep you in the best financial shape of your life.  Regardless of whether if is a retirement decision, college choice, or purchase of a home, the financial planning process helps you make the appropriate decision to realize your dreams and enhance your probability of success.

No account minimums, no conflicts of interest, and no commissions.

Identify the Symptoms of Potential Future Financial Problems

At Ascend Financial Planning, the most important part of our plan is you. Whether you’re a first-time, experienced, or do-it-yourself investor, the planning process will diagnose your current financial situation, address the biggest areas of concern, and prescribe an easy-to-follow plan of action that addresses your short and long term goals.  This flexible, affordable approach focuses on helping you achieve your dreams.

Pay Less for Money Management

Ascend Financial Planning, LLC does not manage assets.  A do-it-yourself investment plan can be created with low cost funds for you to implement at a low cost provider like Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab or TD Ameritrade.  For those who do want money management, Ascend Financial Planning works with Flat Fee Portfolios, a fee only, low cost investment management firm that charges roughly $199/month for balances under $1 million or 0.24% of assets for balances $1 million and over.  Ascend Financial Planning and Flat Fee Portfolios incorporate a team approach to managing your finances to ensure that your money is growing to meet your long term goals.  This approach results in significant cost savings compounding for you over time, potentially saving you thousands of dollars a year.

Worry less. Live more!

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